Loyalty Program

How does it work? offers it's customers the ability to save money in the long run with its unique loyalty program. The more your trust us with your purchases, the more the program will reward you. Once you go over a threshold amount of MUR spent on the website, you will be tagged automatically in one of the programs below:

Program Total amount Spent to qualify Discount Applicable (on next purchases) Time limit
Silver MUR 10,000.00 1 % on entire store n/a
Gold MUR 20,000.00 2 % on entire store n/a
Platinum MUR 40,000.00 3 % on entire store n/a


The total amount spent is cumulative with your account meaning that past purchases will also contribute towards moving to a higher threshold.

Can I purchase for my friends and family and benefit from the program?

YES! Not only is it encouraged, but we recommend you to do so. You should use the same account to make the purchase so that your friends and family can benefit from this program. Delivery address for friends and family can be specified at time of purchase.